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Michelin the company was started in 1889 by the brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin in the town of Clermont-Ferrand, where they transformed a modest agricultural business into the brand we...

Cascade Technologies

Cascade Technologies, based in Scotland, is a fast growing, and technologically innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of breakthrough Quantum Cascade Laser-based (“QCL”) gas analysers and gas emission...


Our ethos is to inspire, challenge and innovate – three things we aspire to achieve throughout our organisation.  As well as delivering bespoke recruitment solutions through award-winning brands, we are passionate about inspiring and enabling future leaders.

ESS Holdings is an enabler of talent and operates a business incubator and start-up hub in Edinburgh, where a number of our companies have started out as spin-outs and grown to become successful brands in their own right with the help of our financial and business support.

To date, we have invested more than £70k in niche recruitment start-ups.  We also believe in talent retention and development and are committed to being a National Living Wage employer.


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Michelin – an employer brand

In 1889, brothers André and Edouard Michelin founded Michelin et Cie in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Today, the tire-making company has become one the world's leading names in tires and mobility.

Our Group was forged on a founding value: respect. A value that we hold in common with all of our teams and which we live out on a daily basis in the Moving Forward Together approach. Our objective is to help everyone grow and develop at Michelin, and that together we can push back our limits to speed up progress.

The Michelin brand is recognized and respected worldwide as a benchmark for quality and innovation. We value the role each individual plays in company development. All our employees drive the growth of tomorrow. We offer them optimal conditions so they can do their part in offering the world increasingly innovative products.

Joining the Michelin Group means being part of a powerful, international company. A passion for our iconic brand helps individuals play a key role in the on-going search for improved mobility. With this power and constant desire for innovation, Michelin propels each employee’s potential towards the future, and even beyond.

Personal and Professional Development

We recruit you for your personality, your skills and your experience for a  career in the company , not for a particular, definitive job. At each step in your career, in addition to your line manager's support, one of our 350 career managers guides you along your career path to help you build a personalized career plan for the long term. When it comes to building your career, your aspirations are just as important as the Group's needs.


Working Together

Michelin’s success is built on the complementary talents of our people. Our employees enjoy a strong bond with each other and a commitment to the company. We share a common set of human values and the strong conviction that trust and respect are the required conditions to face challenges confidently and help individuals realize their full potential. At Michelin, every employee offers their individual expertise, energy and commitment so we can keep moving forward together. Collaboration and trust create a comfortable and balanced working atmosphere, in which individuals can improve their performance. With this outstanding team spirit, Michelin supports all its employees on the road to success and even beyond.


Quality of working life

To support you in your everyday work, we make a point of creating a working environment that is modern, pleasant and safe, and maintaining a sound work/life balance. To this end, support measures are applied in the field, in every country. Depending on local requirements, this might mean flexible working, health and preventive medical programs, safety measures, and so on. For each role you occupy, we define a clear job description with precise objectives. Our goal is to give you a job that fosters your continuous progress in our customers' service. Because we believe that empowered organizations are the key to success, we give you the autonomy you need within your team and opportunity to express your views to accelerate this continuous progress. In 2016, 59,601 progress and innovation ideas were submitted by our team members.

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